Re: [File API] feedback on August 1/5 draft

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:04 AM, Anne van Kesteren<> wrote:
> Thanks for the update to the draft! Below some feedback:
> In the table of contents the link to the filedata URL scheme is broken.
> The Web IDL syntax needs to be updated. E.g. FileList can be simply described as
>  typedef sequence<any> FileList;

You mean:

typedef sequence<File> FileList;


> I have not received any feedback on my comments as to why getAsDataURL is actually needed. I still think it should be dropped.

Given that the filedata url is very limited in time, getAsDataURL
still seems useful IMHO.

> I think getAsURL() should become an attribute instead. E.g.
>  readonly attribute DOMString localURL;
> Since it is just a reference there is no need this needs to be asynchronous and there is also no need for it to be method.


> The constants of FileError need to be actually placed on the FileError object and renumbered as to make sense. They are not DOM exceptions so it does not make sense to align with that in any way.

It seems useful to use the same code for people that want to display
error messages to the user, this way you can either pass the value in
the DOM event or from an exception to the same function.

I also can't see a downside to aligning the values?

But I don't feel strongly here.

> Last time I also made comments regarding the details of discovering the encoding of a file etc. Those still seem to apply.

Got a pointer to the actual question?

/ Jonas

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