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On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 7:35 PM, Marcos Caceres<> wrote:
> I talked to our localization guys about this, they said that is
> definitely not a good thing. They said any content is better than no
> content, even if there is a mismatch.

I've spoken w/ coworkers recently, and other people too, and the
general spirit is "if the app is so poorly localized, and it usually
is, they'd rather see it in the language where it isn't poorly
localized that they actually understand" (typically English; the
people in question are typically natives of Finland and surrounding
countries and have have English as at best a second or often a third

I suspect that in the end, as long as a user agent allows the user to
see which localizations the widget has and for the user to express a
more limited list of preferences for a given widget, this won't be a
problem, and hopefully user agents will do this.

> I agree, but that is Apple's fault. Yes, the model allows things like
> this to happen. But I think it's better thank getting no license at
> all.

> I still feel that this is an author-level error.

I don't like enabling authors to screw up localization, it's too easy
to do already, and they've proven to be quite adapt at it locally. --
My experiences in the States didn't show these problems, but that's
probably because I was being sold untranslated goods or goods by
vendors who were more careful.

> I agree this sucks, but like I said, my preference is to have
> "something" shown. When authors make such mistakes, then can easily be
> patched via updates, which is what updates are for.

The iTunes example is unfixed to this day, a number of updates later.
As is Nokia's flags example [1] and Centre (I got an update last

> I agree. But again, iTunes should do something about that. It can't be
> the case that widgets would not allow me to ship a widget because I
> can't get something translated.

> If that was the case, I would still
> include the wrongly localized content just so I could ship

I'd prefer for you to be aware that you're screwing your customer.

Having to actively jump through a hoop "This is wrong, but I'm
desperate and in a hurry, and know it's wrong" v. "I'm done, it's
perfect, I'm never making any changes ever again"

> (and just
> say, "centre, center, meh! Only a few will notice, so I'll fix that in
> the next update.").

Bah, it's still not fixed, and I've complained both through the care
number and internal feedback.


It's good to see no one fixes their bugs. I really look forward to
widget updates being as useless as everyone else's updates in these

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