Re: widgets feedback

Final hi! Josh,

Addressed your final set of editorial issues. If satisfied with the
corrections, please give us
an OK for the DoC :)

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 5:54 PM, timeless<> wrote:
> Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:52 PM
> 4:15 PM me: (e.g., floating and application mode)
> either floating mode and application mode
> or the floating and application modes

Removed the example text. The spec says that the Window Modes spec
specifies that. I don't want to make that normative in P&C only to
have it replicated in the other spec (might cause issues).

>   The following example shows the usage of the name element.
> <widget xmlns="">
> <name short="Weather">
> The Ultimate Weather Widget
> probably indent "The" one more space :)


> _______________________________
> 19 minutes
> 4:35 PM me: file identification table
> has 3 columns, one is entirely empty

Anne wanted us to put something in there (waiting for him to tell us
what). I've removed it while we wait.

> 4:36 PM Step 1 - Acquire a Potential Zip Archive
> Step 1 involves acquiring a potential Zip archive
> -- Potential v. potential?

Heading convention. Will leave as is.

> 4:37 PM A user agent will acquire a potential Zip archive from a data
> transfer protocol that either labels resources with a media type (e.g.
> [HTTP]) or from a data transfer protocol that does not label resources
> with a media type (e.g., BitTorrent, Bluetooth, etc.).
> A tautology ...
>   (yes, i know we're trying to say this, but is there a better way to write it?)

I think I will leave it. The point here is to alert the reader that we
handle both cases.

> 4:39 PM Step 2 - Verify the Zip archive
> The previous step used more uppercase letters :)


> 4:41 PM must treat the value as null(i.e., not as empty string and not
> as the text string "null").
> add a space between 'null' and '('


> 4:42 PM Configuration Defaults
> this table uses column headers and footers, the other ones don't. (just noting)

True. The reason I added them is that when the spec is printed, this
table does not fit on one page. I will leave the others for now.

> 4:43 PM must attempt to locate digital signatures for the widget (step ).
> step number missing


> 4:44 PM So, for example, "fr,en-us,en,en-au,en,fr,en" would become
> "fr,en-us,en-au".
> there should be an example of a tripple (zh-hans-cn)


> ________________________________
> 7 minutes
> 4:52 PM me: ignore means that a user agent must act as if the element,
> or fileis not present.
> add a space between 'file' and 'is'


Marcos Caceres

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