Re: [Widgets] Widget Gallery RSS like sharing format

On Mar 13, 2009, at 08:33 , Thomas Landspurg wrote:
>  Good suggestion. I think RSS/Atom is well adapted for new widgets  
> publication. I think that keeping the platform attribute is  
> interesting, because we - as many - we will have to support  
> different format for some time.

The issue I see with that is that it would require defining a  
platform, which can get to be somewhat complex (operating system,  
version, intel/ppc, 32/64/128bits, etc.) and if it is going to be of  
any general use then the vocabulary for platform specification needs  
to be specified  i.e. you can't "just" have a platform element or  
attribute, you also need to define its values in such a way that all  
can understand them.

As a result I'd tend to suggest that we punt on this, and people who  
need to have the platform specified can use an extension in their own  

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