RE: [widgets] Making config.xml mandatory

Dear Arve,

Good point regarding OMTP/BONDI. BONDI supports a security framework for widgets and "web pages" (or non-widgets).

On the other, if widgets in pre-existing implementations may use sensitive resources then I as an attacker would pack my rogue content in a widget resource, add the config.xml file and run my attack. In other words, the config.xml file does not prevent any attack.

I agree with you that the config.xml file already supports security relevant features, like <access network="true"/>. However, as long as we do not have any means to check whether a widget user agent could trust a widget and that it does not misuse the network access, then a widget user agent must always allow this network access.

If the config.xml file is the major means to identify a zip archive as widget resource then we will not need to define the file extension "wgt" and the MIME type application/widget.

IMHO, I do not see the config.xml as a security solution. I would agree with you that it might be required to define settings that do not have default values. Do we have such settings?

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