Re: SVG as Widget Icon

Jere Kapyaho wrote:
>> Treating svg icons in widgets in the same mode as <img> pointing to SVG
>> sounds great to me.
> So in essence you would tell the SVG engine to rasterize the vector image in
> whatever size is suitable for the widget engine?

Not necessarily, no.  Of course the rasterization happens at some point, 
since the display medium typically works with discrete pixels, but it 
could well be happening at the hardware layer.

> (And if there is any
> animation, just use the first rendered frame.)

Declarative animation would be allowed.

> If so, the widget engine
> needs to pass an icon size in pixels to the SVG engine

It needs to do so anyway, no?

No idea on your question about conflicts of width/height; I'm not that 
familiar with the relevant part of the widgets spec.


Received on Friday, 30 January 2009 20:31:31 UTC