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Hi Jon,
On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 5:11 PM, Jon Ferraiolo <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> It would be good if the Widgets spec was careful to study potential
> conflicts with similar attributes in Google/OpenSocial Gadgets and OpenAjax
> Metadata. Google Gadgets has:
> OpenSocial/Google Gadgets:
> <content view="canvas|profile|home|preview">
> *
> *
> OpenAjax:
> <content view="default|edit|help|insert">
> *
> Over at OpenAjax Alliance, we are in the process of examining our spec for
> web widgets to align better with Google Gadgets. There is a good chance we
> will change our 'view' attribute to re-use the same keywords as
> OpenSocial/Google Gadgets when used for the same purpose. The W3C doesn't
> have to do that since there are different namespaces for the different XML
> vocabularies anyway, but at least it makes sense to spend a little time
> studying what's happening at OpenSocial and OpenAjax to see if it makes
> sense to attempt to share the same markup.

Thanks for the heads up. We are currently drafting a requirement
around this (and will certainly consider both Google's and OAA's
solutions to this problem). We will post the requirement for review to
the list once it is ready. However, a first glance, both Google's and
OAA's don't seem to suit our requirements.

Marcos Caceres

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