Re: [widgets] Renaming "thumbnail" to "screenshot"

>>> I would like to rename "thumbnail" to "screenshot" in the packaging
>>> spec. As the thumbnail "graphically represents the widget in a running
>>> state" it makes more sense to call it a screenshot.
>> I don't think so - a screenshot is generally a static image while a
>> thumbnail is just a small representative image. I don't think that any
>> improvement in semantics justifies changing the spec for this.
> We already have the <icon> element as the small representative image
> for the widget, which is why I think screenshot is less confusing than
> thumbnail.

Hi Marcos,

The <icon> element can be used zero-or-more times, for example:

<widgets xmlns="">
  <icon src="icons/medium.png"/>
  <icon src="icons/big.svg" width="256" height="256"/>
  <icon src="icons/tiny.png"/>

Is there a way to differentiate the icons  eg "mobile", "deskop",
"favicon" etc ?

In the above example (taken from the spec) the names suggest tiny,
medium and big - how would an application know which to choose?

Andrew Welch

Received on Monday, 26 January 2009 14:03:28 UTC