Publishing Element Traversal errata

Hello WG.

Since there were no objections to the idea of publishing an erratum to
solve the issue with the Element Traversal binding licensing, I’ve
created a candidate errata page:

along with two zip files:
  The IDL in here has some extra OMG IDLness around it, to be consistent
  with the DOM specs’ IDL.
  The java file in here has Javadoc comments with text adapted from the
  spec, as requested by Michael.

Those two zip files have a COPYRIGHT.html file which is just the same as
the one from the DOM Level 3 Core zip files, but with the copyright date
updated.  So notably, this includes the extra clause about not modifying
the Java package name, etc.

The erratum has three parts:

  * It updates the SotD section to add the extra licensing clause.

  * It updates the IDL section to link to the proposed IDL zip file.

  * It updates the Java section to link to the proposed Java binding zip

I expect the zip files will need to be installed somewhere in W3C date
space.  I’ve guessed URLs for the two zip files (since they need to be
referenced from the erratum text):

Art/Charles, I assume we need to have a vote for proposed errata, as
with spec transitions.  Unless you can see a reason not to, can you put
this to a vote?



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Friday, 23 January 2009 04:52:09 UTC