Re: Next steps on Widgets testing?

Hi Dominique, 
On 11/25/08 2:05 PM, "Dominique Hazael-Massieux" <> wrote:
> Hi Art, Charles,
> As was discussed during the WebApps WG F2F in Cannes, the Mobile Web
> Test Suites Working Group (and in particular, Kai Hendry) has started to
> work on developing test cases for the Widgets Packaging and
> Configuration specification:
> There are already quite a number of test cases available there (~50),
> that target well-defined part of the specifications.
> Could you let our group know whether you think this is going in the
> right direction, and what the next steps should be on our side?

This is going great. However, as the test suite is being built we would
appreciate feedback from a specification verification perspective: are there
assertions made that are not testable or that could be better written, and
if there is much variability in the specification? These feedback is crucial
for Web Apps if we are to improve the quality of our specifications.

Unless you guys have a better way to do this, I would like to see the
specification follow the CSS2.1 Test Case Authoring Guidelines (even if
those guidelines are not complete).
> Also, would it be helpful if the tests were moved to the public CVS
> server? should they sit in 2006/waf/widgets/tests/ if so?

The tests are now there. However, I think it makes more sense for if each
spec had it's own test suite. For example, tests for Widgets 1.0: Digital
Signatures would sit in 2006/waf/widgets-digsig/tests/, etc.

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