Re: [ElementTraversal]: Feature string for DOMImplementation.hasFeature(feature, version)?

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> Hi WG,
> The DOM Core specification and other DOM modules define feature  
> strings [1] which applications can query to check whether or not a  
> specific DOM module is supported by a DOMImplementation. For  
> example, DOM Level 2 Traversal and Range [2] says: "A DOM  
> application may use the hasFeature(feature, version) method of the  
> DOMImplementation interface with parameter values "Traversal" and  
> "2.0" (respectively) to determine whether or not this module is  
> supported by the implementation." These feature strings are also  
> useful for selecting a DOMImplementation which supports a specific  
> set of features through the methods provided by  
> DOMImplementationRegistry [3].
> After reading the spec it doesn't seem like Element Traversal has  
> such a string defined for it, so applications would have no  
> standard way for selecting a DOMImplementation which supports  
> Element Traversal or determining whether the DOMImplementation  
> instance they already have supports it. Is there a reason a feature  
> string was omitted from the spec? An oversight, perhaps? Can this  
> be added to the errata?
> Thanks.
> [1] 
> core.html#DOMFeatures
> [2] 
> Range-20001113/traversal.html#Traversal-overview
> [3] 
> core.html#Bootstrap
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