[ElementTraversal]: Feature string for DOMImplementation.hasFeature(feature, version)?

Hi WG,

The DOM Core specification and other DOM modules define feature strings [1]
which applications can query to check whether or not a specific DOM module
is supported by a DOMImplementation. For example, DOM Level 2 Traversal and
Range [2] says: "A DOM application may use the hasFeature(feature, version)
method of the DOMImplementation interface with parameter values "Traversal"
and "2.0" (respectively) to determine whether or not this module is
supported by the implementation." These feature strings are also useful for
selecting a DOMImplementation which supports a specific set of features
through the methods provided by DOMImplementationRegistry [3].

After reading the spec it doesn't seem like Element Traversal has such a
string defined for it, so applications would have no standard way for
selecting a DOMImplementation which supports Element Traversal or
determining whether the DOMImplementation instance they already have
supports it. Is there a reason a feature string was omitted from the spec?
An oversight, perhaps? Can this be added to the errata?



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Received on Monday, 12 January 2009 07:02:30 UTC