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Re: Request for Comments: FPWD of Widgets 1.0: URI Scheme spec

From: Martin J. Dürst <duerst@it.aoyama.ac.jp>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:45:08 +0900
Message-ID: <4A3F4494.6040508@it.aoyama.ac.jp>
To: public-webapps <public-webapps@w3.org>
CC: "public-i18n-core@w3.org" <public-i18n-core@w3.org>
Hello Art, others,

I'm interested to know how widget: URIs behave with respect to IRIs.
The only potentially related text I can find is "Unicode serialisations 
for widget origins" in 4.3.

Regards,    Martin.

P.S.: I also found this spec rather difficult to read because it very 
frequently references the "Packaging and Configuration" spec, and is 
impossible to understand without constantly referring back to that spec.

On 2009/06/18 23:19, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> To: public-webapps@w3.org

> On June 18, the Web Applications WG published a First Public Working
> Draft of the Widgets 1.0: URI Scheme spec:
> [[
> <http://www.w3.org/TR/2009/WD-widgets-uri-20090618/>
> Abstract
> Many specifications in the Web stack depend on a context being defined
> that includes a current URI. This is easily provided for documents
> retrieved over HTTP, or from the local file system, but is currently
> undefined for documents extracted from within a widget package. Such a
> limitation has a number of implications which this document intends to
> address.
> Introduction
> This specification defines the widget URI scheme for use inside widgets
> or other such applications of web technology that do not run on the web.
> ]]
> If you have any comments, please send them to public-webapps@w3.org.
> -Regards, Art Barstow

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