Re: [widgets] What does it mean to have an unavailable API

2009/6/2 Henri Sivonen <>:
>> Ok. I see what you mean. Widget.hasFeature has slightly different semantics (in widgets, it means "did that feature I requested load and become available?"
> Which brings up the issue that it's unclear what it means for an API to have latent support but not having been activated with <feature>.

Again, excuse my ignorance, but what does  "latent support" mean?

> If a widget UA has an implementation for window.frob() and frob() requires <feature> activation, what should happen when frob() hasn't been activated with <feature>? Should there be no function object for frob()? Or should it be there but throw upon calling? Or something else.

Not there.

> Please specify this.

Right, I think this needs to be specified in the A&E spec but not in packaging.

Marcos Caceres

Received on Monday, 8 June 2009 18:34:50 UTC