Re: Please Review: Mousewheel Event Proposal


few comments

"It should allow authors to override the default action for either x or 
y activity independently. "
I think also z.

It is open what wheelDelta means. Is it "mousescroll clicks"?
Moving finger over touchpad?
But what if system can generate several kinds of data - line scrolling 
and pixel scrolling, maybe even page scrolling or screen scrolling.
Should we have different event names for different kinds of scrolling.

Should web application know somehow that what is the default action of
mouse wheel scrolling: scrolling or zooming...
On my browser ctrl+wheel is zoom, alt+wheel is slower-than-normal-

"For both mouseomniwheel and mousewheel,
MouseEvent.relatedNode must indicate the element over which the
pointer is located"
Why? should indicate that already.

MouseOmniWheelEvent needs some examples. In which case is that event used?


Received on Tuesday, 18 March 2008 22:29:38 UTC