Re: ISSUE-29: how is uri parameter of the open() method resolved

Sjoerd Visscher wrote:
> To get it perfectly right every string should have a base URI property. 
> String literals get the base URI of the script element they are in. But 
> then you would have to do this for every string generating item in the 
> browser. F.e. the base URI of a string from input.value should probably 
> be the base URI of the input element.

This would be a tremendous overhead on the scripting engine and is never 
going to happen. Additionally, what do you do if two strings with 
different baseURIs are concatenated?

> In any case I don't think it is correct to choose between windows, you 
> should choose between base URIs of script elements.

This would require that every object (including function objects) are 
assigned a script-element-object. And remember that functions can be 
dynamically created. Again, this is far more then we can require of any 
scripting engine for something as trivial as uri resolution.

Having the xml:base attribute affect things inside script is very 
confusing and will be very hard for authors to keep track of if they use 
xml:base extensively (and if they don't use it extensively there is no 
point in worrying about xml:base anyway).

/ Jonas

Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2006 23:39:05 UTC