Re: Safe copy and paste with scripts

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> I thought about this some more. I think the select event, implmented by 
> IE, Mozilla and Safari already would let content authors completely 
> prevent copying text out of the page by preventing selection. But I 
> don't know of any examples of it being used this way.
> So (a) the cat is out of the bag and (b) in practice content authors 
> don't seem that keen on entirely preventing users from copying text.

Yeah, i thought about this too. You could probably also call .blur() 
every time a node got focus.

And we even have a CSS property in mozilla that is supposed to give 
control over selection. However it currently is buggy enough that it 
actually doesn't prevent copying.

But I think that it's only a matter of time until these things are abused.

At the same time i do realize that this stuff could be useful. I've long 
wanted to add some capability to mozilla/firefox so that a site can be 
flagged as "I don't trust this site not to hack my computer, but I do 
trust it not to annoy me" which would allow stuff like chrome-less 
windows, pop-ups, resize windows, change statusbar and stuff like that.

Such a site would of course get access to clipboard things too.

However if and when such capabilities are added to mozilla or any other 
browser is very much unsure.

/ Jonas

Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2006 23:15:10 UTC