Re: ISSUE-30: mousewheel event

Web APIs Issue Tracker wrote:

> Raised by: Anne van Kesteren
> On product: DOM3EV
> We should probably add something like the mousewheel event to DOM Level 3
> Events. There is some additional information in ACTION-27. Also in
> where I state
> that there are at least two implementations of mousewheel. (Mozilla has
> DOMMouseScroll.)

   IE uses the highly device-specific name "onmousewheel". (Will just
"mousewheel" work in IE?) Near as I can tell, Safari supports the IE
name. I can't find any information about what Opera supports.

   I really don't like "mousewheel", because it assumes a specific
physical interface. "DOMMouseScroll" seems odd to me, because the "DOM"
prefix usually applies to events involving mutation or UI. The "scroll"
event already covers other types of scrolling, so there's no need for a
"DOMScroll" event.

   I'm thinking that the best name would be "mousescroll". That said,
using "mousewheel" or "DOMMouseScroll" would allow for faster adoption.
Much as I don't like IE, I'd admit that "mousewheel" is the easier of
the two to remember.

Received on Friday, 24 February 2006 21:55:07 UTC