Re: Question about charter (was Re: Window object)

Hi Maciej,

Thanks for your input.

> I wasn't around for the writing of the charter, but my own opinion is:
> 1) E4X is not a w3c spec, it is not up to us to extend it

True indeed.

> 2) E4X is not really usable for access to a live document tree, it's 
> more for processing of XML as data

Well in its current state yes but I do believe it would not matter if it 
was extended the right way. But it doesn't matter here because as you 
clearly said, this is not up to the w3c so I won't go further :)

> 3) our goal is to focus as much as possible on compatibility instead of 
> inventing new features from whole cloth

Fine :)

- Sylvain

Received on Tuesday, 14 February 2006 11:36:07 UTC