Re: Namespaces in Xpath expressions

Ian Hickson wrote:

> It may be worth considering that if the editor of the specification can't 
> get the XPath expressions in the examples correct, it is very likely that 
> authors of content using the specification will have even more troubles.
> Maybe using XPath for this purpose is not the optimal choice?

This is a classic FAQ in XPath and XSLT. That's why it jumped out at me. 
Arguably it's a design flaw in XPath.

That said, what else would you suggest? If something with the power of 
XPath is needed here (I don't know if it is--still haven't finished 
digesting the draft) then I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel. If 
something much simpler (like a pure element name) could be used then 
that might be OK; but I'm not sure anything simpler would work.

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