Re: Namespaces in Xpath expressions

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Robin Berjon wrote:
> On Feb 09, 2006, at 17:26, Elliotte Harold wrote:
> > I haven;t finished reading the spec yet, so I may be jumping the gun here
> > but I believe the XPath expression used in the REX document are incorrect.
> > Specifically they do not use namespace prefixes. Consider this example.
> Yes, as explained in a previous post some of the examples were written a 
> little too fast and there are some inconsistencies. I blame the editor 
> who had too many things in parallel in mind to do the examples right. 
> They'll all be fixed.

It may be worth considering that if the editor of the specification can't 
get the XPath expressions in the examples correct, it is very likely that 
authors of content using the specification will have even more troubles.

Maybe using XPath for this purpose is not the optimal choice?

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