Re: Requesting security review of IndexedDB API again (to the WebSec IG)

On 5/22/17 1:57 PM, Xiaoqian Wu wrote:
> ...we wonder if you would be interested to
> review the spec again before we move to CR?
> Please note that we plan to move to CR soon, please let us know if we
> should hold the CR transition for your review by this week (ie. before
> 26 May).

I have asked a colleague to review the spec.

I think two weeks is a reasonable timeframe in which to expect that 
review, so holding 'til this Friday is probably not helpful - I'll leave 
it to your discretion re: whether to go for CR sooner or wait.

-- Sam Weiler, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:22:19 UTC