Requesting a security and privacy review for Linked Data Notifications

Hi all,

LDN (Linked Data Notifications) is aiming to enter Candidate Recommendation
by the 11th of October, and we'd like to request a review for potential
security or privacy issues. Linked Data Notifications is a protocol that
describes how servers (receivers) can have messages pushed to them by
applications (senders), as well as how other applications (consumers) may
retrieve those messages. Any resource can advertise a receiving endpoint
(Inbox) for the messages. Messages are expressed in RDF, and can contain
any data.

You can find the latest working draft here:

Note that we have filled out the security and privacy questionnaire:

Any and all feedback is welcome.  Thank you!

Amy & Sarven

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 15:11:02 UTC