Re: [W3C Web Security IG] Hardware Based Secure Services Community Group Proposed

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> Dear all,
> In case the topic of Hardware Security WG was of interest for you...
> Note that, based on the recent W3C members review of the Hardware
> Security WG, decision has been made to create a CG, in order to improve
> use cases and start drafting APIs. Do not hesitate to support and join
> the CG here :

Before launching that CG I would like to suggest you stop and take some
time to consider instead taking the idea to the Web Platform Incubator
Community Group (WICG).

The WICG already has 139 participants, including multiple representatives
from all the major browser-engine projects. So if the goals of the Hardware
Based Secure Services effort include developing an API to be natively
implemented in browsers, many of the browser-engine reps and other people
who could help you—people experienced with making new Web-technologies
ideas into reality—are already gathered together in the WICG exactly for
the purpose of incubating ideas like this one.

I think you will have difficulty attracting a similar level of
participation from browser implementors to an entirely new CG, so I really
think you should seriously consider taking it to the WICG first. That would
not preclude you from later launching a new specific CG for it after it has
matured further.


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> The Hardware Based Secure Services Community Group has been proposed:

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