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In case the topic of Hardware Security WG was of interest for you...

Note that, based on the recent W3C members review of the Hardware Security WG, decision has been made to create a CG, in order to improve use cases and start drafting APIs. Do not hesitate to support and join the CG here :  http://www.w3.org/community/groups/proposed#hb-secure-services


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Subject: Hardware Based Secure Services Community Group Proposed

The Hardware Based Secure Services Community Group has been proposed:


Hardware token are offering secure services in the field of cryptographic operation, citizen identity and payment to native applications. This community group will analyze use cases where browser (and web application developers) could benefit from those secure services. The expected deliverables of this community group are (1) documented use cases, (2) technical requirements for implementing those secure services in user agents, (3) draft APIs, (4) group charter - integrating suggested improvements received during the W3C Hardware Security WG charter proposal review.
Note : by hardware tokens, we mean technologies such as secure chips or secure elements, trusted execution environment, TPM....


You are invited to support the creation of this group:

Once the group has a total of five supporters, it will be launched and people can join to begin work. Once launched, the group will no longer be listed as "proposed"; it will appear in the list of current groups:

In order to support the group, you will need a W3C account. To request one:

If you believe that there is an issue with this group that requires the attention of the W3C staff, please send us email on site-comments@w3.org.

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