Re: Next steps and note to mailing list about Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

* Harry Halpin wrote:
>However, several times on this mailing list we've had behavior, both
>onlist and even off-list, that some are viewing as not particularly
>constructive. In response to these complaints, we'd like to draw the
>attention of everyone to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:
>We understand that e-mails are often sent in haste and emotions can run
>high, but we must remember to treat each other with respect,
>professionalism, fairness, and sensitivity to our many differences and
>strengths. While we have perhaps been lax in this, from now on we will
>enforce our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:  patterns of
>behavior that systematically violate the code of conduct will be
>referred to an ombudsman for determination of next steps, and a personal
>note will be sent beforehand.

I do not agree with any of that, but I would welcome if you would stop
your personal attacks against Anders Rundgren on this list, e.g.

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