Next steps and note to mailing list about Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

I'd like to remind everyone that while we at W3C are not responding in
detail to every email, we are carefully watching the conversation evolve
and eagerly looking forward to technical proposals that can build
consensus. We know discussions can be fraught with disagreement and  can
be difficult, but we believe the use-cases that motivate improved
authentication, cryptography, and the use of hardware tokens on the Web
are crucial to the future of the Open Web.

However, several times on this mailing list we've had behavior, both
onlist and even off-list, that some are viewing as not particularly
constructive. In response to these complaints, we'd like to draw the
attention of everyone to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:

We understand that e-mails are often sent in haste and emotions can run
high, but we must remember to treat each other with respect,
professionalism, fairness, and sensitivity to our many differences and
strengths. While we have perhaps been lax in this, from now on we will
enforce our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:  patterns of
behavior that systematically violate the code of conduct will be
referred to an ombudsman for determination of next steps, and a personal
note will be sent beforehand. However, we believe that we can overcome
our differences and reach consensus on the next steps for securing the Web.


Received on Thursday, 19 February 2015 23:28:09 UTC