Re: [WebCrypto.Next] Support for HTML5's "keygen" in Windows and iOS

Keygen was created in the absence of a good user experience story. X.509
client certificates are already extremely problematic from a UX
perspective, and <keygen> just makes it worse with a confusing onboarding

I will note that Microsoft is supporting U2F in Windows 10

On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 11:43 PM, Anders Rundgren <> wrote:

> Microsoft haven't implemented HTML5's keygen in spite of being a
> "standard".
> The same is valid for iOS.
> This makes the use of X.509 certificates quite quirky.
> What's the way ahead then?  Since the world [apparently] is divided a
> better path
> could be to offer a web interface that allows you to implement the
> "keygen" you want.
> You see a pattern here?  No?
> Anders

Tony Arcieri

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