Re: CSP syntax

On 03/02/11 18:00, Terri Oda wrote:
> CSP may need a stricter subset of CSS-style syntax, and possibly some
> super-set to deal with the nesting (you're definitely not wrong about my
> first try being a bit wonky there), but I don't think that having to
> define it more precisely will necessarily negate the benefits of a
> highly familiar syntax.

If it needs to be a superset, then you've lost the value. Surely the 
_point_ of using a standard syntax is _not_ having to say "It's like 
X... _except_ that A, B and C".

JSON is designed for arbitrary values and nesting; it has the usual 
standard primitives (number, string, array, hash). It's the less verbose 
and far easier to understand alternative to XML, and it's becoming the 
web's data interchange format.

If we are going with an already-standard syntax, it's the clear front 
runner IMO.


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