Re: CSP syntax

Adam Barth wrote:
> The above don't look very much like CSS...  CSS also has the problem
> of not having a precise spec for how to parse it (which is why
> everyone's CSS parser is slightly different).

Yes, the downside of using a CSS-based syntax is that there's a distinct 
trade off of potentially more difficult work for browser developers in 
exchange for a more familiar syntax for end-user web developers.  Since 
there's more web devs than browser devs, and in theory we've got great 
browser dev folk, I suspect that sacrificing some browser dev time 
probably makes sense.

CSP may need a stricter subset of CSS-style syntax, and possibly some 
super-set to deal with the nesting (you're definitely not wrong about my 
first try being a bit wonky there), but I don't think that having to 
define it more precisely will necessarily negate the benefits of a 
highly familiar  syntax.

Received on Thursday, 3 February 2011 18:00:41 UTC