W2SP 2010: Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2010 CFP

The workshop chairs would like to invite you participate in the 4th annual 

workshop on Web 2.0 Security and Privacy.  Started in 2007, this 
series of workshops has attracted participation from both academia and 
industry, and participants from around the world.  This workshop is held
in conjunction with the 2010 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. 

Workshop Call for Papers
W2SP 2010: Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2010

Thursday, May 20
The Claremont Resort, Oakland, California
Web site: http://w2spconf.com/2010

The goal of this one day workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding Web
2.0 security and privacy issues, and establishing new collaborations
in these areas.

Web 2.0 is about connecting people and amplifying the power of working
together. An ongoing explosion of new technology is powering
increasingly complex social and business interactions as well as
enabling an unprecedented level of unmediated information exchange and
horizontal organization. These interactions rely on composition of
content and services from multiple sources, commonly called mash-ups,
leading to systems with complex trust boundaries. This trend is likely
to continue because individuals, businesses, and other organizations
desire the simplicity, efficiency, and utility these technologies

Though these technologies have had many positive effects, they raise
issues about management of identities, personal safety, reputation,
privacy, anonymity, transient and long-term relationships, and
composition of function and content, both on the server and on the
client side (web browsers and mobile platforms). Although many of the
underlying security and privacy issues are not new, the use of these
technologies by very large and disparate populations raises new
questions. This workshop is intended to discuss the limitations of
current technologies and explore alternatives.

The scope of W2SP 2010 includes, but is not limited to:

Trustworthy cloud-based services
Usable security and privacy
Security and privacy as a service
Security for the mobile web
Identity management and psuedonymity
Web services/feeds/mashups
Security and privacy policies for composible content
Next-generation browser technology
Secure extensions and plug-ins
Advertisement and affiliate fraud

Potential workshop participants should submit a paper on topics
relevant to Web 2.0 security and privacy issues. We are seeking both
short position papers (2 - 4 pages) and refereed papers (a maximum of
8 pages, including references and appendices). Papers longer than 8
pages may be automatically rejected by the chair or workshop
committee. From the submissions, the program committee will strive to
balance participation between academia and industry and across topics.
Selected papers will appear on the workshop web site; W2SP has no
formal published proceedings.

For papers that focus primarily on the security and privacy of social
networks, we encourage authors to submit their paper to the Social
Network Security and Privacy (SNSP) workshop, which is concurrent and
co-located with W2SP. Submitted papers may be referred to the SNSP
program committee for consideration.

Workshop Co-Chairs
Larry Koved (IBM Research)
Dan S. Wallach (Rice University)

Program Chair
Collin Jackson (Carnegie Mellon University)

Program Committee
Ben Adida (Harvard University)
Dirk Balfanz (Google)
Adam Barth (UC Berkeley)
Konstantin (Kosta) Beznosov (University of British Columbia)
Suresh Chari (IBM Research)
Hao Chen (UC Davis)
Collin Jackson (Carnegie Mellon University)
Martin Johns (University of Passau)
Rob Johnson (Stony Brook University)
Engin Kirda (Institute Eurecom)
Larry Koved (IBM Research)
Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University)
John C. Mitchell (Stanford University)
Dawn Song (UC Berkeley)
Dan S. Wallach (Rice University)
Helen Wang (Microsoft Research)

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (11:59pm US-Eastern)
Workshop acceptance notification date: April 11, 2010
Workshop date: Thursday, May 20, 2010

Registration: Workshop registration will be available via the 2010
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy conference web site.

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