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Re: Microsoft benefits a lot by loosing (?)

From: Jake Robb <jakerobb@mac.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:34:46 -0400
To: W3C Public Web Plugins List <public-web-plugins@w3.org>
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If I had $40, and someone was really bugging me, I wouldn't hesitate to give
them 50 cents to go away.


Richard M. Smith wrote:

> Microsoft already controls the browser market with an estimated 95%
> share.
> Trust me, Microsoft has no desire to give Eolas a half a billion
> dollars.
> Richard
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> Subject: Microsoft benefits a lot by loosing (?)
> Hector Santos wrote:
>> If it was anything else, this would be an easy patent claim to refute
>> and circumvent.  For example, a NON-WEB BROWSER that offers its own
>> proprietary component system such as our Wildcat!  Navigator.
> This is exactly what worries me.
> The more I read about this patent, the more I think: "why would
> Microsoft _want_ to win this case?"  Let us assume for a moment that
> this software giant lost, not because it was either stupid, or just
> plain incapable, of winning such a silly case.
> It seems that they can benefit a _great_ deal by loosing.
> If they loose, then some smaller third parties won't be able to
> distribute their ActiveX to IE users.  That may harm MS. But most people
> don't regularly download (small) third party ActiveX components from
> the web anyway.  Downloading untrusted content?  That's the whole
> thing you want to avoid while surfing.
> The GREAT benefit to MS on the other hand, is FULL control over the
> browser market (finally!)  That feels rather cunning, don't you think?
> MS has been bombarded by lawsuits from left and right.  Now it's
> highly controversial C# must compete with a truly platform independent
> Java, running on non-MS OS's.
> What better way, than to turn the legal system to it's rescue this
> time?  Now MS can go ahead and create it's own FULLY proprietary and
> closed IE, with C#, VB, and proprietary MS libraries embedded
> inseparably into the heart of IE.  Oh, the "visual display area," that
> you rightly pointed out was central to this patent, is NO more: C# and
> VB script can directly manipulate the DOM! Just like JavaScript does
> today.  And MS RULES the free world.  Use IE or die.
> Unless, the W3C mobilizes it's forces, and _standardizes_ JavaScript
> into a complete programming language, to be implemented by Mozilla and
> other compliant browsers.
> If we did that, wouldn't you guys benefit technically? At the same time
> of course, W3C will pursue other legal avenues already mentioned here.
> ---
> Reza.
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