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What are the conflicts if we flip the design to Thursday so Ryosuke can attend?


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Hm… it sounds like the design meeting is happening on Friday.

Due to the scheduling conflict with web components, I can only attend Thursday meeting. Alex will be there though.

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Hello all,

TPAC is getting closer, and we're starting to build the agenda for our F2F meeting.

For that purpose, we have put together an agenda document<>.

So, if you're planning to participate or observe, can you please add your name, employer and which days you'll attend to the right section<>?

If, better yet, you have a proposal that you'd like the group to discuss, add it to the list<> with your name, and we'll schedule time for that.

Also, you should know that due to overlap with other groups, we're planning to dedicate most of Thursday to issue triage and most of Friday to proposal design. If that doesn't work for you for some reason, please let me or the other chairs know and we'll take that into consideration.

Cheers :)

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