WebPerf WG F2F (2017): call for topics, dates, locations

Hey all.

Based on the discussion on the last WG call, there is a desire to host a
F2F event prior to TPAC in November to check-in on progress of our current
specs, proposals we discussed at TPAC last year, and to discuss new
directions we could or should investigate prior to TPAC.

I took a quick pass over our backlog to seed the conversation for possible

There is a proposal to host the f2f on June 19 or 20th, as many of the
usual webperf suspects are converging in Bay area for Fluent Conference.
That said, we're open to other suggestions + locations. Please add your
suggestions in the doc, or on this thread.

We'll review the feedback on the next WG call (May 31st @ 10AM PST) and to
try to converge on a date + location -- please chime in before then.


Received on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:08:40 UTC