Unsubscribing from the list

Dear all,

I find myself unable to participate effectively in this working group. 
My repeated attempts to prod people to make the specifications this 
group produces actually usable by implementors who are not themselves 
editors of those specifications have been met with platitudes and 
stonewalling for years now.  There is no benefit to be gained, from my 
point of view, in continuing to try to roll this rock up the hill.

I filed https://github.com/w3c/navigation-timing/issues/65 this morning; 
it's a tip-of-the-iceberg kind of look at the kinds of systemic problems 
the specifications this working group produces have.

I am unsubscribing from this list, effective immediately.

My regrets,

Received on Tuesday, 4 April 2017 15:41:42 UTC