Re: Firefox and User Timing API in workers

> 2. PerformanceTiming is not exposed to workers. The only attribute that
>> can be used as marker name is 'navigationStart'.
> Not sure I follow this. Why are the marker names restricted? Is this
> related to: -- ?

It's about this "The *startMark* and *endMark* arguments may be the name of
one of the attributes in the PerformanceTiming
<> interface
Timing] <>. In this case,
the value of that attribute is used as the DOMHighResTimeStamp
<> time value."
In workers we don't expose the all PerformanceTiming interface so this
point is not fully implemented. We just support 'navigationStart'.

>> 3. navigationStart is taken from the window PerformanceTiming object when
>> the worker is created.
>> For window-less workers (SharedWorkers, ServiceWorkers) navigationStart
>> is the creation time of the worker itself.
> Note that we've recently added workerStart to RT:

Good. This is very useful. Does it mean that in a ServiceWorker workerStart
is equal to navigationStart?


Received on Monday, 25 May 2015 11:14:21 UTC