Re: Making sense of the various web performance specifications

On 6/16/15 11:48 AM, Ilya Grigorik wrote:
> They're tangled together. Practically speaking, you can't implement one
> without the other:
> - HR-time defines time origin and but that presumes
> Performance interface exists.
> - Perf Timeline, in turn, needs time origins and

There's no particular reason things couldn't be set up like so:

HR-time: defines time origin, DOMHighResTimestamp, and a Performance 
interface with a single now() method.

Perf Timeline: depends on HR-time, defines a "partial interface 
Performance" with the bits it wants to add.

> I guess we could keep definition of DOMHighResTimestamp in HR-time (its
> use doesn't have to be limited to perf specs), but move definition of
> time origin and into Perf Timeline.

The definition of DOMHighResTimestamp is pretty much tied to the 
definition of time origin.


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