Re: More on workerStart

On 6/6/15 1:33 AM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> Making workerStart just look at the time origin of the global the worker
> instance is associated with does not satisfy the comments in that code.
>   Maybe that's OK, of course.  I'm just saying if we _do_ want that
> property then we should use the incumbent settings object.

One thing I should note, in the interests of full disclosure: if 
workerStart examines the incumbent settings object, then any attempt to 
hook it by getting the default getter and then defining the property to 
have a getter that does some other work (e.g. logs) and then calls the 
default getter will change the behavior, because then it will suddenly 
start returning a value that is always relative to the time origin of 
the global of the interposed getter.  And that interposed getter won't 
be able to convert it to its caller's time origin, since there's no way 
to get hold of that in script...


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