Re: More on workerStart

On 6/6/15 1:13 AM, Justin Rogers wrote:
> I'm a little bit confused. Shouldn't the workerStart just look at the time origin of the global object of the worker instance?

That depends on what we want out of it.

> I'm not familiar with the wording of incumbent settings object, so maybe I'm confusing something.

The incumbent settings object is, loosely speaking, "the settings object 
corresponding to the global of the code that made the call into the API".

> If this is possible then workerStart is the difference between the time origins of the worker instance global and the attached WorkerGlobalScope global.

No, that's precisely what it's not if we do the incumbent settings 
thing.  What you propose would allow you to convert the time from inside a worker to something sane only if 
you happen to know which global's constructor the worker came from (and 
hence can use that global's or can measure its offset 
from yourself and use your own

Again, the point of the incumbent settings thing is so the comment in 
the following code is true no matter what global the worker w came from:

   w.onmessage = function (e) {
     var timeFromWorker =;
     var timeInOurTimeline = timeFromWorker + w.workerStart;
     // timeInOurTimeline can be compared to calls
     // made in this function.

Making workerStart just look at the time origin of the global the worker 
instance is associated with does not satisfy the comments in that code. 
  Maybe that's OK, of course.  I'm just saying if we _do_ want that 
property then we should use the incumbent settings object.


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