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[NavigationTiming2] How many 'navigation' entries are available?

From: Jonathan Watt <jwatt@jwatt.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 19:45:12 +0000
Message-ID: <54777F48.3070906@jwatt.org>
To: public-web-perf@w3.org
The draft describes the creation of an PerformanceNavigationTiming instance in 
section 5, but it doesn't seem to say anything about how that object becomes 
available to scripts. It also doesn't say much about the sequence returned by 
performance.getEntriesByType("navigation") and what entries are added to it and 
when they become available.

* Are entries from anything other than the last navigation available?

* If so, what are the origin restrictions? If a non-same origin navigation
   happens between two same origin navigations, does the sequence just not
   contain the non-same origin navigations, or does everything prior to the
   recent series of same origin navigations not appear in the sequence?

* Do new navigations appear at the beginning or end of the sequence?

* Does a back/forward destroy previous entries in the series, or just
   add more to it?

I'm guessing browser vendors don't want to use memory keeping previous 
navigation entries around for the rare case that they might be used, so maybe 
the sequence always only consists of a single entry. If so the spec should say 
so explicitly though, and if not then the above should be clarified with 
normative text even if the desired behavior might seem obvious.
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