[NavigationTiming2] document.open() issues

It isn't clear whether a document.open() as defined here:


results in a new navigation entry. It seems desirable that it would, but the 
HTML spec doesn't say that document.open() causes a 'navigation' that results in 
running the steps at:


 From step 15 at the document.open text it seems that the PerformanceTiming 
object will be replaced since the Window object that it hangs off of is 
replaced. If a 'navigation' doesn't happen though, it's not clear what the 
impact of document.open() is on the value of performance.timing.navigationStart 
etc. or on the timing values on the new PerformanceNavigationTiming object.

I'm particularly interested in this because Web Animations relies on the value 
of navigationStart.

Received on Thursday, 27 November 2014 19:17:08 UTC