Re: [ResourcePriorities] Scripts and integration with HTML spec

On 3/18/14 10:38 AM, "Ian Hickson" <> wrote:

>On Mon, 17 Mar 2014, Arvind Jain wrote:
>> It definitely makes sense to spec this straight in the HTML spec. Ian,
>> would you take it over then?
>I'm happy to work on this kind of thing in HTML. My first priority in
>this space will be related to scripts.

Being able to tackle all this together sounds good. I think images are
worth an equal priority level in the resource priority space. They are an
important part of the focus and expectation of this spec. I will elaborate
further in the coming days or weeks.

>I would encourage authors and implementors to describe their needs and
>Use cases on the WHATWG list (
>In particular, I'd like to hear what exactly are the problems with today's
>HTML that need solving.

In terms of speccing in 'HTML spec' and changing mailing lists.
What does it mean in terms the existing spec?
Should we still refer to it as [ResourcePriorities]?
And/or comment here when it comes to the spec.

Could you briefly clarify that process. I'd like to help.


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