Re: Where are instances of PerformanceNavigationTiming created?

On 6/13/14, 12:41 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> You get an instance of PerformanceNavigationTiming by accessing
> window.performance.navigation.

Where is that specified?

> That interface doesn't inherit from
> PerformanceEntry

That's not what 

> and isn't meant to be accessed using getEntriesByType.

That's not what the example at the end of 

Note that the document I'm looking at links to itself as "Latest 
Editor's Draft" and is linked from as "Latest Editor's draft". 
But I just noticed that it has an earlier publication date than the TR 
version, which is ... odd.

That said, in the TR version we have the same IDL and the same example, 
and still no indication that window.performance.navigation exists, or 
implements PerformanceNavigationTiming.

window.performance.navigation _is_ defined in 
(which conflicts with the definition in Navigation Timing 2, yay), but 
there is no mention of PerformanceNavigationTiming there either.

> Are you saying it should?

No, I'm saying right now nothing I can find specifies that a 
PerformanceNavigationTiming object is ever created anywhere.


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