Re: Event and DOMHighResTimeStamp

(2014/06/12 4:09), Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> Hi Anne,
> I'm trying to close
> To summarize a bit, folks would like to have a DOMHighResTimeStamp in
> the event interface.

For what it's worth, we discussed this feature on the whatwg mailing 
list recently.[1]

Adam Barth suggested just replacing the timeStamp member with a 
DOMHighResTimeStamp member and we seemed to agree on using the time 
origin defined in High Resolution Time Level 2 as the zero time.[2]

It remains to be seen if this is Web compatible. I've implemented this 
in Gecko and it is turned on in Nightly builds for Windows. We'll turn 
it on for other platforms and other channels in future and see what breaks.

Anne indicated he would update the DOM spec if this proved to be 

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