RE: [ResourcePriorities] lazyload in CSS

I think it makes sense to provide a CSS property to set the download priority on an element. I have updated the spec with a 'resource-priorities' CSS property that has the values 'normal', 'lazy-load', and 'postpone'. 

Here are a couple of examples of using this CSS rule:
                resource-priority: lazy-load;

                resource-priority: normal;
                background-image: url(...);

                list-style-image: url(...);
                resource-priority: postpone;

                font-family: HugeFont;
                src: url('really_big_font.ttf');
                resource-priority: lazy-load;

Another solution would have been to create individual properties for each resource type that may be loaded. This could get complicated and you may have a long list. I'm not a big fan of this approach:

Background-image -> background-image-priority
Border-image-source -> border-image-source-priority
Content -> content-priority
Cursor -> cursor-priority
Icon -> icon-priority
List-style-image -> list-style-image-priority
Src -> src-priority (this is for @font-face)


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CSS stylesheets may reference additional resources - for example, background image and fonts.
Was adding the lazyload/postpone functionality(by adding properties to css, or by specifying lazyload/postpone for corresponding html elements) considered for them?

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