Re: navigationStart in NavigationTiming

On 5/2/13 3:28 PM, Arvind Jain wrote:
> OK I'll write up something to this effect. Last question: what should
> performance.navigation value be for initial about:blank? Does it need to
> be specifically defined or is the current text ok?

Current text sets redirectCount to 0, which is fine.

Current text is not so much clear on the type, but it's not even clear 
for it in this case:

   <iframe src=""></iframe>

because that's not a link click, a load from the url bar, a form 
submission, or anything to do with script...  Per the letter of the 
spec, that should be TYPE_RESERVED, which is wrong, I think.

I assume we do want src="" to be TYPE_NAVIGATE.  It 
doesn't matter to me too much whether initial about:blank is 
TYPE_NAVIGATE or TYPE_RESERVED, as long as we all agree on which it is 
and have a test.


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