Re: navigationStart in NavigationTiming

On 5/2/13 12:54 AM, Arvind Jain wrote:
> We can special case "initial about:blank" page in the navigationStart
> definition - not a big deal. But could you look at the spec and see if
> it makes sense when we have a page that was not navigated to?

I haven't read the processing model in detail in a while, honestly.  But 
last I checked, the processing model only runs during navigation, so 
wouldn't ever get triggered for the initial about:blank.

> It'd be great if you could suggest the actual wording to incorporate the
> "initial about:blank" page such that the entire spec makes sense.

The simplest thing to do is to define somewhere that when the initial 
about:blank is constructed it gets a performance.timing with certain 
values in it.  This shouldn't need to affect the "when navigation 
happens" processing model in any way.


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