Re: [NavigationTiming] requestEnd and reconciliation with server-side measurements

On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 11:33 -0800, Zhiheng Wang wrote:
>    Yes, the current draft has a note in the requestStart section to
> explain the decision of not including requestEnd.

Thank you.

Rotan, fyi the next text is:

This interface does not include an attribute to represent the completion
of sending the request, e.g., requestEnd.

      * Completion of sending the request from the user agent does not
        always indicate the corresponding completion time in the network
        transport, which brings most of the benefit of having such an
      * Some user agents have high cost to determine the actual
        completion time of sending the request due to the HTTP layer


> Could you please help update the published version?

Well, we could decide to request CR status.


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