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Thanks for the feedback. We're working on an update to test_timing_client_redirect.htm, we may not have it ready by tomorrow morning's meeting. However we can discuss the changes that will go into it.

webperftestharness.js [1]
We've updated the webperftestharness, to include a new parameter to test_namespace to mitigate redundant testing of the root namespace window.performance.

Updates [2]

We've also added four more tests [2]

These are fairly late traveling changes, time permitting we can review these tests tomorrow on 2/2 or we can use time in the following meeting on 2/9 to work through the approval.


Anderson, Nic and Karen
Internet Explorer

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Cool, thanks for the new tests.

> test_performance_attributes_exist.htm

> test_readwrite.htm

> test_timing_client_redirect.htm
The third test which tests that the navigation type is TYPE_NAVIGATE isn't correct. If I reload the page, it fails because the navigation type is correctly TYPE_RELOAD. The three navigation types each need tests which navigate an iframe using location.href='page2.html' for TYPE_NAVIGATE, location.reload() for TYPE_RELOAD and history.back() for TYPE_BACK_FORWARD. We can't rely on any test of navigation type in the main frame.

> test_unique_performance_objects.htm

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