Re: adding video and audio performance in charter

On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 14:58 -0700, Zhiheng Wang wrote:

>     To make sure I understand, are you proposing adding Audio/Video
> performance
> studies to the WebPerf WG or the WebTiming draft? Adding it to WebPerf
> (as a separated
> deliverable) makes perfect sense to me. 

The former.

>    Depending on Mike's studies, audio/video performance benchmarking
> can get wild and
> beyond the scope of timing, so I am not sure if we want to attach it
> to WebTiming. Doing
> that will likely delay the standardization of the the draft as well.
>    Out of curiosity, any pointer to Mike's study?

Mike didn't do any study.

I removed the adding wording for now. After since its timing information
related to navigation and elements, I would argue that working on the
performance of audio and video elements is in scope, even for WebTiming.
Whether the group decides to do this in WebTiming v1, v2, or a separate
draft is up to them. It seems appropriate not to do this for v1 imho
since it's unexplored territories and it would delay the other


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